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Everything You Must Know About One of the Best Garage Software in the UK

  • 01, March, 2022 at 12:00:00
  • John Doe

The world today has been 90% digitized, and the rest is on its way.

You must have thought of some industries having advantages as they can step onto digital platforms and enjoy the benefits of an immensely huge customer base, easy advertisement, remote work culture, and swift changes in designs of the websites and apps, and what not! In other words, garage management software is essential to enhance your business reach and streamline your work process.

However, there are some industries that always have remained incapable of becoming a part of this new world and one of them must be the garage industry and businesses alike.

But, let me tell you the unimaginable, it is now possible to manage your auto garage through online software, subsequently known as the Garage Management Software.

Well, what exactly is Garage Management Software?

By automating procedures, tracking customer car history, and maintaining a database of other dealers and customers, garage management software aids in the achievement of auto shop goals. In short, garage management software allows auto repair firms to manage their complete garage system.

So now, you do not have to worry about dealing with everything manually, because your whole garage would just be a click away!

Which Garage Management Software UK is the best in the UK?

While there is a swarm of Garage Management software in the UK, only a few of them stand out as the best Garage Management Software in the UK, and below is the description of one of our absolute favourites!

The Auto Garage Network Ltd.

The Auto Garage Network Ltd. is one of the UK’s best Garage Management Software providers. Moreover, it is famous to provide garages with a "single login" system that allows them to manage all elements of their business. Above all, from generating sales and leads through eCommerce websites to integrating with suppliers, managing workshops and customers, accounting, and assisting technicians in confidently carrying out services based on technical data, they have got you covered in every aspect.

Features of Auto Garage Network Ltd’s Garage Management Software UK

The Garage Management Software Requires:-

  • No Installation
  • Backups that are carried out automatically
  • Recovering from a disaster
  • Remote access is possible

It comprises

  • Date-ordered reports by date & range of dates
  • Product-specific reports by category and product
  • Vendor-specific reports by vendor & client
  • Automated preservation of financial reports
  • Reports made to order budget for money
  • Summary of the working batch
Easy And Simple

A garage management software is -

  • Intelligent ingenuity
  • Fast
  • Automatically recommend
  • Complete automatic
  • No prior knowledge of computers is necessary
  • The learning time is 30 minutes

You receive the following benefits -

  • Statistics on customer data
  • Expiration notification
  • Validity extensions
  • Validation methods
  • Fully integrated
Diary Of Bookings

It helps you with -

  • Invoicing and billing
  • Make reservations
  • Make business cards
  • Bills for mobile phones
  • Prepare an estimate
  • SMS notifications Coupon alerts via SMS

It has following features -

  • Follow-ups on autopilot
  • Keep track of your vehicle's history
  • Keep track of deadlines
  • Promotions and offers
Management Of Vendors

The garage management software makes the below-mentioned aspects easier for you -

  • Vendor management
  • Pay attention to payments
  • Keep track of payment deadlines
  • Payment reminders
  • Payment schedule suggestion
Inventory Management Software

It helps you with all the reposts -

  • Great way to keep track of what you have on hand.
  • Vehicle inventory is depleted Auto inventory is depleted.
  • Stock market updates
  • Categorical reports
  • Reports for purchase
  • Low-inventory notifications
  • There are around 7 lac pre-listed pieces.

Conclusively, the garage management software provides you with:

Head Quarters

Each service outlet is managed through a single cloud platform. Additionally, you can get cutting-edge digital head office expertise with an intuitive yet detailed dashboard that displays the performance of every service outlet.

Customers in the End

Firstly, it is meticulously crafted to create a completely digital, touchless customer experience that will keep your consumers loyal to your company for the rest of their lives. Secondly, by making your work procedures transparent, you can provide a superior experience that can help your clients feel in control.

Service Station

For store managers and repair personnel, it's a super-easy-to-use, intuitive software experience. Meanwhile, it is built with worldwide automotive techniques in mind to get the most out of every dollar.

How can it Benefit Your Garage Business?

The advantages of using garage management software for your business:-

  • Before beginning work, inspect the customer's vehicle, take and upload photos of previous vehicle damage, recommend further services if needed, and send a message to the customer requesting consent.
  • Moreover, it's an ingenious technique to prioritize clients and encourage them to contact your Garage via the internet platform.
  • The garage management software is an easy-to-use software that gives you practically all of the information you'll ever need. Likewise, you can keep all the reports in one place.
  • A simple to use automated communication solution that automatically interacts and informs your customers.
  • In addition, workshop management software is a comprehensive but user-friendly business dashboard that displays all of the information you'll ever have to understand your company's success.
  • After that, it provides you with smart branding solutions that are simple to set up and can help you save money on marketing.

Conclusively, seeing you till the last of the page, I guess, you must be seeking the best Garage Management Software UK and let me tell you, you got to check them out before proceeding further. So, don’t waste further time and get in contact with Auto Garage Network Ltd. today.