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Why use AGNS Wholesale?

Save Time, Save Money and Sell More….

Wholesale tyre prices have huge discrepancies depending on which wholesaler you have an account with, for instance your favourite wholesaler may have a great deal on Pirelli, but be massively overpriced on Michelin, they may have slow moving stock they are willing to offload at big discounts, they may have the last stock of certain tyres in the country and they wont let them go unless you pay through the nose, they have exclusive UK rights for certain house brands but can’t get hold of their rival wholesalers house brands, or they simply don’t have stock of the tyre your customer needs.

AGNS Wholesale deals with all of those pain points in one platform,we put all your suppliers in one place and then add every Tyre available for purchase from all over the UK and Europe, so whatever size, brand, or segment of Tyre you need, you will always find the Tyre you need at the best price available to you.

All our packages allow you to buy Tyres securely from AGNS Wholesale by credit card, and with our premium packagesyou can integrate with your own supplierswebservices so you can order direct from the platform to your regular wholesalers.

Compare prices in one platform…

Up until now, the only way to compare price and availability from all your suppliers is to have their online order systems open in different tabs on your computer or start calling round until you find what you need.

The main problems are that if you are callinground or comparing pricing online, by the time you have found the tyre you need and call your potential customer back, they are either engaged on the phone calling your competitors, or ignore your call completely because they have found what they need elsewhere, andif you do manage to get price and availability form the first wholesaler you tryand quote the customer based on their cost price, you may find to that your competitor is far cheaper because his favourite supplier has a deal on…

AGNS Wholesale gives you all the information you need to quote within seconds of receiving an enquiry, you can also set sell out prices to help all your staff confidently quote and sell.

Tyre availability

The range of Tyre sizes and brands now being used on UK roads is now huge, firstly finding certain tyres in the current market is difficult and then making sure you get the best price is even more difficult.

AGNS Wholesale does all that for you, we give you the edge over your competitors by always having stock available, and at the best prices.

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