Auto Garage Network offers cutting edge designs with high-class content and hosting. Every step of our project is carefully planned and executed to ensure we deliver on our promises and meet your demanding expectations. You need not worry about the technicalities of what will be done or how it will be done; we will keep you abreast of progress and allow you to sit back and enjoy the end result!

The digital era has changed everything, and it has become vital for any venture to run its business online. Customer demands have led to an upsurge of online selling and buying platforms. Traditional businesses are under threat as more and more people rely on the internet for their purchases to buy tyres, book appointments and ask questions. We help you meet these challenges so that you can interact seamlessly with your customer without the intervention of a third party.

We create a website which is optimised to rank high in internet searches

  • We believe in crafting a site which offers a scalable and comprehensive solution to all tyre related services. We ensure that your website has your complete product range, pictures, logos, graphics and other content which makes it pleasing and engaging for your customers and potential customers.
  • Once the underlying theme is finalised, we focus on ensuring that search filters allow a refined and accurate search that helps the customer buy the tyre they need. Filters such as tyre sizes, tyre types (all season, winter or summer tyres), car brand names, model year, etc reflect the varying needs of your clients.
  • The means of tyre booking is automated. You will get an email regarding the order placed by the customer. Buyers can keep track of their orders for tyres, appointments for servicing or repairs, or MOT appointments.
  • Our specially designed pricing system allows you to set your prices in the context of your local market – without seeking the help of the developer to make the changes every time.
  • We can get your website up and running in just a few hours. Our client support division will help you to understand the whole process easily.
  • We offer cost-effective hosting in the cloud, with local domains.
  • We have no hidden costs.

We have already delivered a wide range of tyre websites with 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us, and let us take you to the new digital world of tyres.

how it works
how it works