Fleetline App

Garage owners are a flourishing breed of businessmen in recent times. Complexities of the modern on-road vehicles have increased the vehicle owners’ garage visits manifold. At Auto Garage Network, we love to make easy such complex tasks. So here we are with our task management app, Fleetline.

To be the best in the garage-based business, it is imperative that one be on top of the task management game. Fleetline streamlines the entire process and allows you just this! The app lends you an ease at everything from task creation to task allocation, and task tracking to task management; the aim is to simplify!

The app is ideal for garage owners to take reigns of task management and function as the app admin. This sure sounds great! But does it really help? Here is a list of usual problems that garage owners cope with on a daily basis; alongside each, the countermeasure our app offers as its solution is elaborated:

Check staff availability

Modern-day garages maintain attendance sheets for its employees/mechanics. But the record is not in instant knowledge of the garage owner. This disrupts his first-hand access to task management. The app, however, uses heads-up notification feature and notifies the app admin (owner) instantly of the employee check-ins; it even has the feature to display the current physical location of any employee signed in on the app.

Record simultaneous vehicles driven in for service

Taking note of vehicles coming in at the garage for VRM, vehicles specifications, fleet record, user details, and other vital information can get time consuming, especially while there are several simultaneous drive-ins. The app makes recording these fields a mere cakewalk for the employee, and the admin can access all data entered from the admin dashboard, anytime, anywhere!

Complexities with task assigning can be tricky!

Checking with employees for availability for a job, especially with priority works can be daunting! But Fleetline with its user-friendly interface allows instant access to all available records. The admin can view the already assigned tasks for each employee, as a list or even in a calendar format. He can thus accordingly assign tasks to those with fewer tasks which also promotes fairness in work distribution.

Communicating the allotment of assignment

A garage with a decent footfall evidently has an occupied staff. If in such times any priority tasks are further added, chances are they may get delayed due to lack of means for instant communication. With the aid of the heads-up notification feature of our app, the task allotment is notified to all in a jiffy!

Think no further! The Fleetline app makes all the difference to bring you utmost ease in task management at your garage workstation. So are you set to own it and win it?