“We help you to create your own website – just the way you need it”

We have an international team of 19 top IT specialists – all of them are specialised in the tyre/garage/motor industry work in the UK.

The auto garage network is aiming to create the best websites for major tyre companies in the UK and making them capable of running their businesses online. We let the users feel your digital presence. We are a small team of 19 technicians who work day and night to establish a secure connection between you and your clients. We will design your business portal in your way but with our latest and professional technique. We will create a data-rich platform or your customers along with graphics, videos, audios, images, etc. as per the requirements. We try our best to balance the content creation with unique designs. Although we proudly state that we have created web home for numerous tyre manufacturers, automotive firms yet we won’t boast.

We will reflect your prestige, techniques, and skills in an innovative way to attract as many potential customers as we can. Our designers, writers, marketers, will go one step ahead to make your website as impressive, appealing as they can. You will find all works unique. We will be your lifetime e-partners and will always be there to keep you and your business up to date. We will bring the best out of your existing websites even if they are in worst condition. We don’t make the users distracted by the bells and whistles or bright colours. We are content focused and try to present tyres information, size, tread pattern, automotive service, Mot and all other key things in a presentable manner so that the users don’t find anything out of track or overcrowded. We want you to believe in us just like all our other satisfied clients and see your business growing rapidly right in front of your eyes. Your customers will be able to make appointments, tyre orders, MOT test bookings all done in a fraction of time just on the screens.

We welcome you to the digital world and meet our passionate team.



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Planning to get your website designed?

Please read this before you make a decision. See what we have to offer first.

We have an international team of 19 top IT specialists – all of them are very familiar with tyres, garages and motor industry work in the UK.

Our Model is designed to make you money and to get your name out online. Your potential customers need to know about your existence and your services.

With us, YOU control your business and your profit. Our mantra is to help you to make your business a success without taking control over your life.

We will make sure, you stay independent and we will remove all threats from other companies you might have used before.

For example, there are plenty of companies out there who claim, if you pay close to £150 per month, you will sell loads of tyres and will turn you into a premium garage… well, after you have agreed, they will come up with lots of hidden extra costs etc. so you will be left very little profit and in the end it feels more like you are working for them instead of yourself…

Some companies out there will once you have found the mechanical job and auction the job online. This means the job will end up cheap inexperienced mechanic in the tyres/motor Industry. With your website, your job stay with you.

With us you can rest assured that everything will be done correctly. We will allocate a part of our dedicated team only to you to make sure everything is done correctly and to your full satisfaction. No compromises!

We pride ourselves to be better than anyone else in the whole world working on our client’s DOMAIN, We can connect you to any supplier in the whole world.

Some companies charge for a MOT booking system £50 a month – we can provide it to you for £15 per month and its yours on your domain.

Some companies claim, they’d give you the tyre website to sell more tyres but only with one supplier for £50 a month. With our VMR lookup system, we can give it to you for as little as £15 per month.

We want to serve you and we want to make you and your business a success!

You tell us what you need/don’t need for your business and we will make the perfect website for you, keeping the costs down for you.

We will guarantee you, whatever money you spend with us, you will get it back within a year due to great business – not to forget, the profit you will make.

This is your chance to start a customer base.

It’s time now to have a look at our work as it speaks more than 1000 words…

Development Stages

  1. We can give you a tyre website like this, connected with two tyre suppliers for one garage from £500 plus £10 per month like this one. We have designed this site for a customer in Newport
    www.tradepricetyres.co.uk ,http://www.mmtyresautocare.co.uk/. Just type in google Part worn tyres Newport you will see the ranking on the first page on google.
    Included in the price is free lifetime support. Any question, just give us a shout.
  2. We can give you a website like this www.autosafetycentre.com for one garage for £1500 or for multiple branches from £3000 plus £30 fee per month for each branch incl. VRM lookup system to find the right tyres size, MOT booking – all real time – connected with as many suppliers as you wish. Certainly, our free lifetime support is included as well.
  3. We can give you a website like this one http://www.mlmmotors.co.uk/ for £3000 and you can connect with as many suppliers you want.
    This option will do a lot of work for you – even while you are sleeping it will make you very good money. Only £50 per month with VRM lookup, tyres, MOT, Online repair quote and car valuation etc. – and you can buy the exclusive rights for your area. Plus a dedicated person will be allocated to support you at any time – 24 hours a day.
  4. This is the Jumbo platform for garage services this option is the best in the whole world!
    You can buy the exclusive right in your area.
    It will do everything for you: it will do sales a person job while you can enjoy leisure time, It will keep making money for you and you can offer so many services while potential customers are browsing your website. This package is a long term project. This website will always be up- to-date and we will keep pace with every technical change and new inventions in this fast living world. We will do much better than anyone in this market. Please take a look:
    www.savingontyres.co.uk. Whatever new development, we will update this site and we will certainly automatically update your site on a regular basis for next decades to come.
    This site will be connected with 100s of suppliers in this industry in real time and it will be the best and biggest website ever. With only £6000 and £100 per month, you can be on board with millions of pound worth in technology running on your domain and we can customise the site exactly to your requirements.

Put it this way, you will get the best of the best and will be yours – nobody will be dictating your life!
We are planning to hire at least 100 more Top IT specialists in the next couple of years. So our growing number of clients will always be served to their full satisfaction.

Thinking of joining us?

We’ll be happy to help. We can take over an existing website and bring it up to date without you loosing any existing data, you can start with a smaller package and we happy to upgrade to your needs. Lots of options possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal. We are looking forward to hearing from you.